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Bak Flip CS tonneau cover

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Bak Flip CS

The BAKFlip CS model combines the functionality of a BAKFlip cover with a useful rack. It's a perfect item for work trucks and weekend warriors.

• Integrated Contractor Rack
• Rack Uprights Slide in the Rails for Multiple Positions
• 500 lbs Rack Capacity
• Rack Installs or can be Removed in Minutes
• 100% Bed Access
• One Pair of Sliding Tie-Downs Included
• Made in the USA
The BAKFlip CS is the combination of a hard folding aluminum tonneau cover and an integrated rack system. The ultimate solution for both storage and cargo management, the CS provides flexible loading features to accommodate a variety of options from construction materials to sporting goods. The rack uprights and crossbars can be installed or removed in minutes offering the ultimate in truck bed versatility. Made in the USA.

Warranty: 2 Years

BAK FLIP CS Tonneau Cover - Folding Hard Panels - With Rack

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