BEDNET Cargo Nets

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truck bed cargo nets

Features• 3 Sizes: Small, Medium & Large
• The Bed Net is made of tough polyester seatbelt webbing
• Installs in seconds—no drilling required
• Hooks & Buckles will not scratch vehicle
• Carrying Case Included
• Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

The ground-breaking design of The Bednet® Cargo Restraint System allows your crew to quickly and
safely secure most loads. Quick and easy to install, The Bednet® CRS is designed to encourage all drivers
to use it – even drivers who avoid using other restraint systems. The straps are integrated into the
product design so they cannot be lost or detached from the unit. The coated hooks and super-tough nylon
buckles will not scratch the vehicle. The Bednet® CRS is made of toughest polyester seatbelt webbing.
Nifty carry case included.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

BEDNET Cargo Nets

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