DELTA Aluminum Transfer Tank

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• All tanks are pressure tested for leaks
• 2 reinforced bungs allow convenient use from either side
• Built-in lifting rings to assist with lifting and moving an empty tank
• Lockable filler cap and coupler prevent excessive pressure build up
• Heavy-duty brackets to secure the tank to the truck bed; all brackets must be bolted to the truck bed

Delta Tanks feature .125 aluminum construction for long-term durability. Internal baffles reinforce the high-strength design and control the flow of the contents when moving.
All tanks are pressure tested for leaks.

Delta Truck Boxes evolved nearly 45 years ago and quickly became the recognized leader in truck storage solutions. Today, Delta Truck Boxes continue to be known as the standard for quality and value. You can select from Aluminum or Steel models that meet a wide range of storage requirements.

Warranty: 1 Year

DELTA Aluminum Transfer Tank All Shapes

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