DELTA Aluminum Mid-Lid Crossover Tool Box
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Delta Tool Boxes

40% larger opening than Gull Wing models.


Tray Included
• Lid reinforced with new RSL™ Rigid Structural Lid Bolster for superior strength
• Adjustable lid strikers keep the lid locked down tight for improved security
• High-strength body design resists cargo damage and protects the locking mechanism
• Leak-proof stainless steel paddle handles prevent moisture from entering
• Self-rising lids with dual gas spring lid lifts

Delta Truck Boxes evolved nearly 45 years ago and quickly became the recognized leader in truck storage solutions.
Today, Delta Truck Boxes continue to be known as the standard for quality and value.
You can select from Aluminum or Steel models that meet a wide range of storage requirements.
Warranty: One-Year Limited

DELTA Tool Box Crossover Mid Lid Aluminum

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