RHINO RACK RMF 440 Rooftop Cargo Box 16 cu ft Black or Silver

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• Exterior dimensions: 75-1/2" long x 32-5/16" wide x 16-1/2" tall

• Opens from either driver side or passenger side

• Will fit all brands of crossbars including OEM

• Exclusive Master-Fit mounting system for super fast removal and mounting

• Built Aussie tough


The RHINO RACK RMF 440 Rooftop Cargo Box is available in two different sizes, the Rhino range of cargo boxes offers something for everyone. If you’re going on a trip, be it camping or skiing, there is a Rhino cargo box to suit your needs. Aerodynamically designed and built from tough durable materials, a cargo box can save space and allow you to safely and securely transport that extra gear you would normally have to go without.

Rhino Rack's unique Master-Fit mounting system allows a quick, easy and safe mounting method for your roof box. With the new Master-Fit system, the roof box can be mounted or removed in seconds with a simple turn & click. By turning the rotating knob, the Master-Fit system will tightenits’ jaws around the crossbar, then press the locking button for a safe and secure fit.

With a load rating of 165lbs, Rhino Rack's new luggage box range lets you carry all the gear you need for the weekend getaway or that long holiday road trip. The Master-Fit system is totally adjustable within the luggage box to suit a greater variance in roof racks and the “jaw” system will fit all crossbars with a width up to 3 1/2” and a height up to 1 3/8”

All Rhino-Rack products and accessories are driven by market trends and designed in house by a highly experienced Engineering and Design Team using the latest 3D modelling software. Rhino-Rack since its inception has grown significantly to be the Market Leader in its field throughout the Automotive Industry both in Australia and Overseas. It is accredited to Automotive Quality Standard ISO/TS16949.


Warranty: 5 Years

RHINO RACK RMF 440 Rooftop Cargo Box 16 cu ft Black or Silver

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