ROLL-N-LOCK Retractable Tonneau Cover

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Unique Construction
Contoured, patented hinge design provides smooth, frictionless rotation. In the rotated position, the locking flange
functions as a positive stop, minimizing stress on the surface material. In the flat position, the locking flange traps
the radius of the adjacent slat, preventing disengagement when a surface load is applied.

Clamp-On Installation
Roll-N-Lock's patented clamp-on track design greatly simplifies the installation process while minimizing the need
for drilling holes on most trucks.

Compact Housing And Flush Handle
With the cover fully retracted, the handle mechanism rolls back flush with the face of Roll-N-Lock’s compact housing,
allowing more room for unobstructed storage.

Torsion Spring Equipped
Roll-N-Lock employs a heavy duty torsion spring drive which is housed in a 3" aluminum reel to ensure years of
reliable use.

Recessed drain fittings ensure rapid and complete drainage of the unit housing.

Multiple Latching Positions
With just a turn of the lock-lever, the Roll-N-Lock bed cover slides open. As the cover is pulled back using the
convenient built-in pull strap, the patented ratchet-style locking mechanism latches in place at ¼, ½, ¾ or
fully-closed positions.

Built-In Tailgate Lock
Keep cargo safe with Roll-N-Lock’s patented built-in tailgate locking system. Our positive system locks the tailgate
and bed cover simultaneously for the most secure system possible in a retractable bed cover application.

Finger Insulator Grip
For very sunny and hot climates, we have developed a finger insulator grip, which allows the handle to be grasped
without fingertips being burned.

Key Slot Cover
For colder regions, we have developed a key slot cover to prevent water from entering the lock mechanism and

Roll-N-Lock M-Series is the most advanced retractable truck bed cover made, has redefined the rules for truck bed
security. From its retractable function, which permits opening or closing in literally seconds, to its rigid,
vinyl-over-aluminum laminated construction, this hybrid cover offers everything other covers do not. There are no
snaps to manipulate, there is no roll or bundle to lash down or stow, no cross bars to negotiate, no fabric shrinkage
to struggle with and, best of all, no worries about the security of cargo. The Roll-N-Lock retractable bed cover…
by far the most sophisticated and versatile truck bed cover made.

What sets Roll-N-Lock’s cover construction apart from the competition is not just the superior quality of our vinyl
surface material, but also the design of the slatted aluminum substrate which supports the vinyl. Each Roll-N-Lock
slat is rotatively joined by an interlocking hinge. It is the geometry of this uniquely-contoured hinge that lends
Roll-N-Lock its strength, roll compactness and quiet, smooth, non-binding movement. Close examination of the
Roll-N-Lock hinge in the flat position reveals the fact that each slat is inseparably locked together, yet when rotated,
no metal-to-metal contact occurs.

Warranty: 1 Year

ROLL N LOCK Tonneau Cover - Retractable Vinyl Top

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