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Swing Case Tool Box

Convenient Fold-In-Out Wheel Well Storage


• The Undercover Swing Case is a swinging, removable, portable toolbox built just for trucks
• Installs in under 5 mintues with self tapping screws
• Holds up to 75 lbs of tools and stuff
• Rides out of the way against your truck's bed wall
• Crafted from ABS polymer that is light weight and tough
• Pivots 180º over your tailgate for easy access
• Can be easily removed for carrying on the job site
• The Swing Case Locks against the bed wall and releases by pulling a latch
• The tool box has a Twist-Latch that can be locked into place
• Rubberized lid seal keeps your gear away from the elements
• The Case hovers 3 inches over the bed to allow clearance for plywood, etc.
• Available in driver- and passenger-side specific models (sold separately)
• Works with the Undercover and other tonneau cover brands

Imagine having a secure place to store all your gear: tools, trailer accessories, jumper cables, Sporting goods. . Just about anything that's rolling around your truck's cab or bed. Now, imagine accessing your gear by simply pulling a release lever- without reaching over, or climbing into your truck bed. The SwingCase is produced by Undercover Inc. the maker of the most popular, best selling hard tonneau covers in North America
Features and Benefits

The UnderCover Swing Case is the only swinging, removable, portable utility case for trucks on the market. The Swing Case installs to the side of your truck bed in just 5 minutes using 6 self-tapping screws which come included. A versatile tool box that holds up to 75-pounds of tools or cargo, the Swing Case even comes with cup holders on the top --or you may find your own convenient use for it! Totally removable for complete access to the truck bed and totally portable allows you to take your Swing Case and contents for work or play. Lockable lid on the top of the case keeps your belongings safe. Quick-release latch allows case to swing out to nearly 180-degrees towards you for easy access to the tailgate, and swings back into a locking position when not in use. Moisture seal keeps tools dry and ready for use. The Swing Case also features a convenient sliding tool tray for organization. Swing Case allows for a 3-inch clearance above the truck bed and works with all tonneau covers: soft, hard, folding, rolling. Constructed from the same rugged ABS material as UnderCover Tonneaus allows this case to be sturdy yet lightweight. "Mirrored" Swing Case available for other side of truck (sold separately). Swing Away, Work or Play!

Quick Easy Install - Supplied self tapping screws and using your cordless drill provides an install that takes less than 10 minutes. Full installation instructions are provided that are specific to your application. Less than 2 tools are all that is needed to install the SwingCase. Literally less than 10 minutes is all it takes for you to have easy accessible storage in your truck.
EZ lift off

SwingCase are sold Individually but offered in both Drivers and Passenger side locations. use 1 or 2 the choice is yours on what fits you best. Using 2 provides 3 cu ft of storage capacity in an otherwise unused portion of your bed. Swingcase, fun for the whole family

Removable - Pull the quick release handle and the SwingCase swings out towards you over the tailgate. all you have to do is lift off and take the swingcase anywhere you need. Seconds is all it takes to remove and reinstall!

Secure - Each Swingcase has a single keyed latch providing lockable maximum security.

No Tonneau cover or canopy? No Problem! the SwingCase bracket provided a location for you to use your padlock to keep the swingcase secure in your vehicle. (The swingcase must be swung out to lift off)


INSTALLATION NOTE: Plastic bed liners require trimming for installation.
Bed rug liners require small slots to be cut for installation
A few tonneau cover brands are not compatible with the SwingCase. These include:
        Downey Products – Quick Flip
        Extang – Solid Fold
        Extang – Trifecta
        Lund – Genesis Tri Fold
        Advantage – Kwik Draw


Warranty: 1 year


Available for FORD F150 Pickup, F250 F450 F550 Super-Duty Pickup, GMC Sierra Pickup, Canyon, CHEVY Silverado Pickup, Avalanche, Colorado, DODGE RAM Pickup, Dakota, TOYOTA Tacoma Pickup, Tundra Pickup

SWING CASE Swinging Truck Bed Tool Box by Undercover

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