WESTIN HDX Grille Guard Truck Logic.com Accessories
Ranch Hand  grill bumpers

Black $600.00

Stainless Steel $900.00

• Stainless steel or high quality black powder coat finish
• Full "Punch Plate" grille
• 2" tube, full wrap around wings
• 1-Piece welded uprights
• HD rubber upright strips


The HDX Grille Guard is part of Westin's Commercial Grade line of products. These products are strong enough to endure commercial level usage, but who says a truck can't be capable because you want it to? Your truck, your style.

Westin was built on the philosophy that a product should work, look good, and last. Their products have always been designed right, made of quality materials, and survive normal wear and tear for three years or more. They still do it this way.

Warranty: Stainless has a lifetime warranty, Black has a 3 year warranty

WESTIN HDX Grille Guard

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