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Westin Premier Bars

Mount Kit Included in Our Price
• 4 inch wide step pad
• 4.25 inch wide at widest dimension
• Recessed step area
• No-Drill installation

Westin's Platinum 4" Oval Nerf Step Bars offer a variety in look and style to traditional round tube steps.
With a bigger and beefier look and feel, they offer strength and user confidence. Without a doubt, Platinum
4" Oval Nerf Step Bars provide a wider step area that add to user condifence, secure footing. Platinum 4"
Oval Nerf Bars are traditionally mounted (mounting kit included) and are vehicle specific applictions.
Applications are no-drill and that's why installers prefer Westin!

Warranty: 3 Year

WESTIN PREMIER Polished Straight 4 inch Oval Side Bars

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