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JoBox Crossover Mid Lid Steel Tool Box

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Shipping: $149 or Free Store Pickup


The JoBox Mid Lid Crossover Tool Box lid opening is 30% larger than other double-lids. A true contractor grade steel tool box.
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  • Tray Included
  • Gear-Lock™ Self-adjusting Dual Rotary Locking System always latches and closes for superior security.
  • Self-aligning Latch Pins pivot from side-to-side to engage with the Gear-Lock System. No adjustments required.
  • High-Strength, Self-Rising Lids will resist attempted break-ins better than other steel lids.
  • High-Strength Body resists cargo damage and protects the lock system.
  • End-mounted Push Buttons provide easy access. Lid locks and unlocks from either side for security and safety.
  • Heavy-Duty Guards on Single Lid models protect the vertical-action gas spring lid lifts and help ensure long-term durability.
  • Built-in Storage Bin on both ends and 4-Compartment Sliding Tray for convenient small item storage.

Jobox Mid Lid Crossovers provide superior security for tools and equipment. The combination of our Gear-Lock™ System, Reinforced Lids and our high-Strength Body will resist up to 1,000 pounds of prying force.

Warranty: 3 Years