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RUGGED LINER Plastic Drop In Truck Bed Liner BED RUG Soft Plastic Bed Liner Bed Mat and Tailgate Mat
RUGGED LINER Plastic Drop In BedlinerBED RUG Soft Plastic Bed LinerTRUCK MAX Bed Mat and Tailgate Mat

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EXTRA GRITTY Skid-Resistant Floor

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Heavy-Duty Nyracord Rubber

BedRug Soft Plastic Mats
BED RUG Soft Plastic Bed Mats

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Plastic Drop-In Bedliners are great truck accessory investment your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota or other truck bed. Drop In Bedliners actually cushion your load...unlike expensive spray-in liners. Our Truck Bed Liners are made with durable polyethylene offering maximum bed protection and impact resistance that will last for years and carry a lifetime warranty. Each liner is designed to custom fit your vehicle by make and model. The Rugged Liner Bedliners have a ribbed design that cushions heavy loads (unlike a spray-in liner) and promotes water drainage underneath the bedliner. Rugged Liner's design also protects your truck bed against scratches, worn paint, and dents. For this reason they help prolong the life of your vehicle. Most of our liners can be installed without drilling holes into your truck, which means a hassle free install. Because no drilling is required on almost all applications, Rugged bedliners can be easily removed and are simple to clean.

Choose from an Over The Rail or Under The Rail option, available on most applications. "Over-Rails" cover the top edge of the truck bed rail for added protection. "Under-Rails" snap in below the rail leaving the paint visible for a slightly different look.
BedRugs are made using  closed-cell foam  (like Crocs shoes) which is non-abrasive and provides 3/4 inches of impact absorbing foam to prevent your truck bed from dents and dings, this also provides a cushioned surface for your knees! Installation is quick and easy with no drilling required. The BedRug can be used for years and when removed, your bed looks like it did the day you bought the truck. Its 3/4 inch floor and 1/4 inch side walls provide an impact absorbing barrier for your cargo during transport. Cushions your valuable cargo and provides a smooth, comfortable, knee friendly surface. The 3/4inches of custom molded foam padding completely flattens out the factory rib configuration. This provides a loading surface that is simply unmatched by any other liner. The true test is when you first kneel on the product!

BedRug is soft enough to sleep on yet tough enough to take on even the nastiest of jobs. Bed Rugs are unaffected by bleach, gas, oils, chemicals, acid or lubricants, and can be cleaned with a garden hose, pressure washer, vacuum or compressed air. The foam floor and plastic fiber surface is the best anti-slip material on the market. BedRug grips and absorbs your cargo to hold it place during transport. Backed with a lifetime warranty.

Bed Mats are made of eavy duty 3/8 inch rubber. They are custom fit to your vehicle, no trimming required. Tough and durable for work or daily use, rubber bed mats are an inexpensive option to protect your truck's bed and prevent cargo from shifting. Optional tailgate mats available.