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More About Running Boards, Nerfs, Steps

Running boards are one accessory that is a must for every truck and SUV. Our trained running board professionals can help you understand everything from what the boards are made of to how they install on your vehicle.

Running boards not only look good but also help you get in and out of the truck. Running boards have been around for a long time but there has also been a major overhaul in the style and design. Most of the running boards these days are made specifically for your truck or SUV and will mount using the existing holes.

The most basic style is the truck step or hoop step. These are single steps that attach to the inside rocker panel of the vehicle. They can come in several different sizes ranging from 10" to 20". They are also available in three different colors or finishes. You can choose a shiny polish finish, brushed silver finish, or a black finish.

The next version and probably the most popular version of a running board is the step bar or nerf bar. This category would include anything that is a tubular bar that mounts on the side of a vehicle. Most of the nerf bars come with a step pad for each door. These steps pads are either made from plastic or rubber. The rubber step pads provide a more secure footing in the rain or snow. We recommend the more secure footing for customers that are using the steps for young children or the elderly. The nerf bars can also come in several different finishes like polished stainless steel, chrome plated, or black.

If you want to stay with the factory look for your vehicle then you would look in the true running board category. These are the running boards that most dealerships are using on the trucks. They are a wider version of step that makes it easy to use and provides protection for the side of the vehicle. Most of these running boards touch the bottom of the vehicle and sit down about two inches.