Truck Logic - Tonneau Bed Covers

More About Tonneau Bed Covers

The tonneau cover is becoming one of the most sold aftermarket accessories in the truck world. People are starting to understand that a truck without a tonneau cover is like a car without a trunk. We know that there are many reasons to choose a tonneau cover and that’s where we can help. Our team of trained professionals have installed, used, and tested all of the leading brands. Whether you are looking to keep your luggage out of the weather for a short trip or you are a contractor that has thousands of dollars of tools to keep safe, we have the right tonneau cover for you.

There are so many reasons to have a tonneau cover, that it is hard to say which is most important. One fact that every person will benefit from is that your new cover will save you money. Yes, that is right. It is not a myth. Proven on the tv show Myth Busters*, the tonneau cover will save you money at the pump by reducing the wind resistance. Another great reason to buy a tonneau cover is the fact that it will make your truck look better, and everyone wants their truck to look good. Some of the other great reasons include keeping your bed dry and secure. We will discuss those more as we talk about the different styles and classes of tonneau covers.

The first class of tonneau covers is the classic snap cover. This cover is the one that started it all. It continues to have love and support from the older generation. In our opinion, the snap cover looks great on the truck, but isn’t the most user friendly. I would say this cover is best used for the customers that want to keep the bed dry but don’t ever need to roll it up or remove it. Anyone that has had this cover is laughing right now. You know that once it is rolled up, it takes the strongest man in the world to pull it closed, or perhaps a heater to warm it up and stretch it out.

The next best thing is the soft roll up cover. This is the cover you want to get if you are the guy that wants to keep the bed dry but also needs to use the bed sometimes for trips to the landfill or dump. It does a great job keeping the luggage dry for your trips, but it easy to open and close by rolling it to the front of the bed. All of the roll up covers we carry have a heavy duty commercial grade Velcro that doesn’t wear out.

Proven on the tv show Myth Busters*, the tonneau cover will save you money at the pump by reducing the wind resistance.

The soft folding tonneau covers are certainly the easiest covers to install and use. These covers come completely assembled in the box and can be ready to use in 10 minutes after being delivered to your house. The soft folding cover is for the person that likes to do things the easy way. This tonneau cover does a great job of keeping the bed dry and can also fold open if you have something large to haul. It does take up more room than the soft roll up cover in the open position since the last section of the trifold rests on top of the front of the bed.

The most popular cover right now is the hard folding covers. These covers are so versatile and easy to use that we believe they should be mandatory on all trucks. They give you the benefit of keeping your valuables dry but also the peace of mind that they are going to be there when you come back to your truck. They are easy to install without any drilling and very easy to use by folding the panels on top of each other. We think that one of the best features is that you can turn it into a bench in the back of your truck at tailgate parties.

The classy retractable cover is the elite edition when it comes to tonneau covers. This cover is for the customers that want not only the security and weather protection but also the elegant look. They have a canister at the front of the bed that the tonneau cover rolls up in and out of sight. Most all of these covers have a lock on the top of the cover that come with a key. If you are wanting to go to the extreme, then you can even upgrade to the electric version that allows you to use a key fob to open and close the tonneau cover.

The last class of tonneau covers to talk about are the hard one piece covers. These tonneau covers are in a class of their own. They are always considered to be one of the strongest covers. They are also known to keep the weather out the best. You can get the hard one piece tonneau covers in fiberglass or an ABS plastic. Both materials give you the option to paint them to match your truck. They are easy to install with the help of a neighbor to lift it onto the bed. If you want an OE looking cover, then this is the class for you.