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• Westin Molded Step Boards are available as-is, or with lights designed to brighten your running boards when you open the door
• Westin Molded Running Boards are custom-made to fit your vehicle
• Westin Molded Running Boards are made of a UV-treated polymer step surface on a sturdy aluminum base, for durable long life
• UV-resistant molded polymer step surface won't fade or crack under harsh conditions
• Give your feet plenty of room—Molded Running Boards are the widest running boards Westin makes
• Westin Molded Running Boards are covered by a 5-year warranty

Westin Molded Running Boards combine a polymer step surface that won't crack or fade with a strong aluminum
base for support. As the widest running boards Westin makes, Molded Running Boards make the surface for your
feet when climbing into your ride. Westin Molded Running Boards are also available with an extra option-lights!
Each time you open your door, your Westin Molded Running Boards light up to guide your feet in for landing.
Treat your vehicle to the perfect finishing touch-Westin Molded Running Boards are built for a long life of service
and great looks right at your feet.

Warranty: 5 Years

WESTIN Molded Running Boards

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