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Bed Rug Soft Plastic Bedliner

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Price Range: $479.00 - $999.00

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Product Information

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The Bedrug is made of super-durable polyethylene fiber (not carpet) bonded to thick closed cell foam (like Crocs shoes). It can withstand any use and is easiy cleaned at the carwash. Gravel, dirt, bricks...no problem. Plus pets and kids love it's comfy feel! Full bottom, sides, and tailgate coverage.


  • 100 percent polypropylene - ultra tough work surface
  • Superior comfort - cushioned knee friendly surface
  • Slip and skid resistant fiber surface
  • Custom fit for each truck - wont scratch truck bed
  • Bleach, battery acid, oil and gas wash right off

The Bedrug's molded foam floor can't scratch your truck's bed like hard liners do. Bed Rug won't slide every time you start or stop. The floor, tailgate, sides, and bulkhead are precisely molded and die cut to rigid factory specifications assuring a perfect custom fit! The polyester carpet and molded closed-cell polyethylene foam create a flat cushioned floor. When kneeling, sitting, or lying on the floor the ribs can not be felt. Just right for outdoor activities, sporting events and camping! BedRug® fits your truck like a glove! Floors, walls and bulkhead are heat and pressure molded for a perfect fit. All the features designed, by the manufacturer, into your truck bed are usable. Such items as (2) tier loading, load block slots, and tie down devices remain 100% usable. Water can not be soaked up by the polyethylene closed-celled foam or the polyester marine carpet. The BedRug® foam has been certified by the U. S. Coast Guard as a flotation material. Organic dirt, dust, scraps, or shavings can easily be cleaned with a shop or household vacuum. Soda, drink spills and pet accidents will not penetrate the closed-cell foam or carpet, so they can blotted up with paper towels or other absorbent material. Odor will not and can not be absorbed into the foam or carpet. As long as all organic material is flushed from the carpet odor will not linger. Oil and grease will not hurt the BedRug®. Oil, grease, spills, and stains, can easily be washed out with soap and water from a garden hose or high pressure washer. The polyester marine grade carpet is made up from solid strand stain resident fibers. Transmission fluid and grease will not permanently mark this fiber. Gasoline, acids, solvents, chemical compounds, and any petroleum product will not damage the carpet or foam. The closed-cell cross linked polyethylene foam can not soak up ANY liquid. The BedRug® foam will not dry out, crumble, dissolve, or dissipate in any way. Dirt and spills can be cleaned with soap and water from a garden hose or high pressure washer. BedRug® packaged for an easy installation. It takes about 20-30 minutes to install. It zips together and is installed to the pickup using hook and loop fasteners. BedRug works with tonneau covers, canopies, lids, tonneau covers, and other bed accessories such as bed rails and tie down hooks.

Warranty: Lifetime

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