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RSi SmartComponents

Product Information

Price Range: $70.00 - $9999.00


RSi SmartComponents let you organize your truck bed to fit your life, from the tools of the trade to the utensils on the camp stove.


  • Weather Proof.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Built Tuff.
  • Easy removal.

Ideal for the hunter, fisherman, or weekend warrior, the SmartCap EVO is forged from steel – not made of fiberglass. It’s built like a truck, not like a boat. From off-roading adventure, to performing on the job site, your SmartCap EVO can withstand the daily abuse you give it, while supporting up to 330 lbs of payload when moving, or 770 lbs. when parked.

RSi toppers at TruckLogic.com