2015 SEMA ShowThe UAG crew joined the rest of the automotive world this week as we took the journey to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Every name you've ever seen on a garage toolbox sticker was there (as well as a few hundred newcomers who hope to one day be sticker-worthy), and still is, in fact. The show continues through the day today, but we caught a flight home on Thursday. We left a day early for three reasons:

-We missed our families.

-We accomplished all of our learning and networking objectives.

-Quite frankly, it can be pretty superficial.

Don't get us wrong; we love the education, meeting new vendors, and watching demonstrations. What gets stale for us are the supermodels. They're made up to perfection and accessorized from top to bottom just to stand still and look good for pictures. And guess what? We're not talking about the women. We're talking about the trucks. We get really tired of supermodel trucks.

The supermodel trucks are everywhere at shows like SEMA. They adorn the halls and tents with their rugged "toughness," when in reality, the only "off-road" they ever see is carpet (or if you're lucky you might see one tire propped up on a fake rock). When the show ends, they are delicatley loaded onto a trailer and prepped for their next ogling at a show. Okay sure, we'll admit it- they're fun to look at. And yes, we take photos of them too. But we at US Auto Guys are more than skin deep! Trucks have purpose. There's more to a truck than the value of the gear you can attach to it. If it's not being used, what's the point?

So during a slow point this week, UAG went out looking for the true heroes of SEMA Show. We wanted to find the trucks that SHOULD be photographed; the behind-the-scenes trucks that actually got work done at SEMA. We found ourselves in nearby hotel parking lots, witnessing beautiful machines sitting humbly in the background. Please enjoy our photos of some real trucks that we feel deserve a little credit.

F350 Behind the scenes at SEMA

Ford F350 in hotel lot at SEMA

GMC working hard at SEMA 2015

Muddy GMC at SEMA

Check it out! This one is actually MUDDY!

Raptor with trailer at SEMA

Ford F150 with cargo